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Assembly Hand Tools (Jaws Sold Seeparately)
Part Number Description Unit Price
L13000857 HMRKL Manual Hand Tool
L13002811 MZ Manual Hand Tool Single Hinge
L13003829 HMRK-V Manual Hand Tool w/ 2 Hinged Handles

The L13002811 HMRKMZ Manual Hand Tool is recommended for most users


Assembly Jaws for Single Sided Connectors
Note: Jaws are sold separately, two need to be purchased to make a set
Part Number Description Unit Price
L20000304 MB 8 EVP up to 5/16"
L20000305 MB 10 EVP 3/8"
L20000306 MB 12 EVP 1/2"
L20000307 MB 16 EVP 5/8"
L20000210 MB 19 EVPM 3/4" for HMRKL hand tool

Jaws are held in place in the tool with snap pins provided with the tool.

Miscellaneous Tools
Part Number Description Unit Price
L14000166 LRSZ 120 Degree Tube Cutter (up to 5/8" tubing) (no further discount)
L14000258 RC375 Ratcheting Tube Cutter 1/8"-1/2"
L14002051 RC1125 Ratcheting Tube Cutter 5/16"-1 1/8"
A20110009 SBPADS Tube Cleaning Pad
CALIPER6 CALIPER6 6" Digital Caliper measures in inches & mm


LOKPREP (For Repair Use)
Part Number Description Unit Price
L14000878 LOKPREP65G/15 LOKPREP 65G / 15ml bottle

LOKPREP is an anaerobic sealant and must be used when joining all HOSE/LOK or union connections. LOKPREP liquid must be applied over the full 360 degree circumference of the tubing to insure a proper seal.

Part Number Description Unit Price
L13005099 LOKator LOKtracer HLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector
A20100010 LOKator Automotive Leak Detector Asseeccory Kit
L13005243 LOKator LOKator RLD 5 Electronic Leak Detector


Tooling Case
Part Number Description Unit Price
OK95.14 OK 95.14 Steel Case w/ compartments


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